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How Mama Be Studio Was Created By Claudia Martin

In 2014 I became pregnant with my now daughter Lily Rose, at that time I owned a Pilates and Cycling studio. I felt very tired all the time, like napping in the middle of the day, which no joke is not normal for me, LOL. Since this was my first pregnancy and I was 32 years old, I felt the need to step back a bit from my usual workouts, mainly because I was scared. It wasn‘t until my first doctors appointment that I realized I could continue to workout and still teach my Cycle classes per usual, as long as I listened to my body. GREAT! So I did just that, I was feeling amazing and looked forward to my Pilates because it literally helped me stay flexible and balanced, I noticed that I was able to keep up with my everyday life and didn’t feel so exhausted. Besides Pilates, I was walking almost everyday, cycling whenever I would teach, eating healthy also helped (lot’s of smoothies). Then into my second trimester I wanted to take some prenatal workout classes to meet other like minded Mamas. However, the only classes I could find that were specifically labeled “PRENATAL” were only offered 1 day a week! This just wasn’t enough, I also had a hard time finding any classes that I could join during pregnancy that were challenging. This got me thinking, why isn’t there a studio that is dedicated to MOMS!!! So I kept a journal, and started training myself using my private reformer at home, I would come up with different routines that were very safe, but still challenging and effective. I would take notes on how I felt during and after, then discuss with my doctor. Soon after my daughter was born I got back into my routine with no issues. I then went back to work, and started adding Prenatal Pilates classes, that’s when I started to hear the questions of “is this safe to do during pregnancy” I then realized that not all doctors were like mine. It‘s incredible that many doctors tell their patients to take it easy, like we have some sort of injury, but if you think about it, you’re training for LABOR! This is probably the most challenging thing your body will ever go through, so why not train for it! I wanted to let other Mamas know that not only was this safe, but the best thing you can do to prepare for LABOR is to train your body, move your hips, strengthen your pelvic floor and yes your CORE! So that when the time comes for you to deliver your baby you‘ll not only feel amazing, but the rode to recovery will be much easier. Your postnatal recovery is just as important not only for your body but for your MIND! This is why Mama Be was created, so I can deliver my message to all Mamas, to help support them, and make a community of like minded healthy Mamas before, during, and after Pregnancy!

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