Mama Be Active, Baby Be Healthy

Welcome to Mama Be Studio



A Boutique Pilates and Wellness studio located in the heart of Corona Del Mar!

The studio is owned and operated by celebrity trainer Claudia Martin, during her pregnancy she had a difficult time finding a a studio that was accommodating to Prenatal workouts! So in 2019 she decided to sell her LA studios and move to Laguna Beach and open her dream studio for Moms, where all the focus would be on helping Mamas throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey with the emphasis in safe and effective workouts! She has helped so many women correct diastasis recti, strengthen core and pelvic floor!

There are many benefits of working out during pregnancy not just for mom but for baby too! The studio offers classes like Mama and Me  for new mamas and their newborns up to crawlers,  Prenatal Pilates for expecting Mamas, and Pilates all levels which is also for Postpartum Mamas! 

Here, we combine elements of Pilates, Barre, and Weights. A great workout for all Mamas at every stage of motherhood.

Join us at MAMA BE today and experience the positive changes that a bit of mindfulness can make. After all, an active Mama makes a healthy baby.

Mama Be active, Baby Be healthy 

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MAMA BE Active,

BABY BE Healthy.


Keeping Mamas strong throughout their pregnancy is our goal! Safe and effective movements.
We will focus on toning and engaging your full body to get you ready for birth.
After all, Mama Be active, Baby Be healthy. 


Pilates All Levels and Postnatal
We welcome everyone to our Pilates All Levels class! You don't have to be a Mama to join, even men are allowed to join this class.  
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Private Reformer
Private reformer and semi private Mat sessions avail for anyone who wants a more personalized workout



Small Group Classes 

First Class $25

Single $40

5 Sessions $175



Duet $65 per person


Private Group Class

$40 per person 3ppl

Private Session

First 3 Sessions $225


Single $100

5 Pack $450



2737 E. Coast Hwy Suite A

Corona del Mar, 92625 

Mama Be is conveniently located on E. Coast Hwy in Corona del Mar, in a beautiful cottage feel building upstairs with a private patio. Easy parking within the neighborhood.





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